Mar 23, 2010

Dick Tracy ~ Review

Dick Tracy
Warren Beatty

In case you don't know what this movie is about: Dick Tracy a police detective is on a mission to stop the organized crime in the city. He can't nail any of the mobsters because he either lacks the evidence or the witnesses won't come forward. Meanwhile Tracy is trying to juggle his girlfriend and a street kid he rescues making his life pretty hectic. Dick Tracy eventually stops the bad guys and saves the day.

I hadn't seen this movie in years. I'm so glad I rented it because I forgot how much I love this movie. It is so much fun. Kind of a mash up between Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Sin City. It takes the silliness of Roger Rabbit and mixes it with the comic-book-esq style of Sin City. The casting, the wardrobe, the makeup are all really great and this movie is just plain fun.

I give this movie 8 tommy guns out of 10

Mar 18, 2010

Remember Me Review

Remember Me

Yeah, there's 113 minutes I'll never get back. It's just awful. Not only is the movie incredibly boring, with it's thin plot line and uninteresting characters, it's being advertised as a romance movie. It's not, not really. The movie has to do with 9/11 if you can believe that. Not that I have anything against movies about that, it's just this movie was so poorly done that it makes the whole situation laughable and you're better off watching another movie about this subject. So don't waste the money or your time.


Mar 9, 2010

Recipe for Brooklyn's Finest

1 Washed Out Cop

1 Cop That Doesn't Believe In Contraceptives

1 Cop that's been undercover too long

1 Lady That Gives Women Everywhere A Bad Name

1 Character Recently Released From Prison Played By An Actor Recently Released From Prison

3 Easily preventable deaths

4 Hookers

Mix this all together and what do you get? A cop with too many kids attempting to steal dirty money while on the job so he can buy his family a new house. A cop that's had the lines blurred by being undercover so long he goes on a crazy revenge rampage when criminal friends gets killed. A cop that's been on the job so long he no longer gives a rat's ass about anyone until the very end when he finally saves some hookers, that he could have saved earlier on in the film but didn't because he can't care about anyone or anything. Your typical cop drama, not for me at all. However, the performances given by Don Cheadle, Wesley Snipes, Ellen Barkin, Ethan Hawke, Richard Gere were well done and the movie was well made. So for someone who likes cop dramas you'd probably enjoy this. Lines were well delivered and the plot didn't have holes all in all a success.
Rated: 7/10 for me, but this is kind of bias since this isn't a typical movie I would enjoy.

Mar 4, 2010

Tangled - Trailer

Release Date: Nov. 24, 2010
Voice of Rapuzel - Mandy Moore

Disney has released a little teaser for the upcoming Tangled, based on the Brother's Grimm story of Rapuzel

I'm super excited for this as I'm a huge Disney fan!

Mar 1, 2010

The Losers - Trailer

The Losers
Release- April 23, 2010
Jeffery Dean Morgan ~ I love this guy, he's got an amazing voice
Zoe Saldana - She's is quickly becoming one of my favorites, I loved her as Uhura in Star Trek, as well as Neytiri in Avatar
Chris Evans ~ Can we say "YUM!" he may not be the greatest actor in the world but he's easy on the eyes, and I like his personality, recent credits include the movie Push as well as Fantastic 4

I'll be seeing this movie for sure, regardless of weather or not it's good, I'm sure it will be entertaining none the less.