Aug 18, 2010

Firefly / Serenity

Ok, So I have recently watched the movie Serenity, which made me start watching the TV show Firefly again. And I must say if you haven't seen either of these then you're missing out.
I never watched the show when it was on TV, in fact a lot of people didn't since it got canceled shortly after airing, but it has to be one of the most underrated shows out there and has developed quite the cult following. If you're a fan of anything Joss Wheadon has done, but you haven't seen this yet, then you need to, and you'll love it. The way old west aspects are weaved together with space ships and the future is wonderfully done. Anyways I'm not very good and describing these here's some YouTube videos to help..

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  1. I don't remember loving the film but perhaps I should try the show.